Road Closures & Parking Lot Access

Spring Weekend activities will be held across the UConn campus beginning Thursday, April 20th through Saturday, April 22nd.  To accommodate the activities planned, there will be some road closures.  Please make travel arraignments in advance of Spring Weekend to avoid the impacted areas.  There will also be several parking lots on campus that will be closed during Spring Weekend.  A list of these closures are below.

Thursday, April 20th

Club Sports will be hosting its annual Glow up the Night 5K.  The race will begin at 8:00pm in front of the Homer Babbidge Library.  To accommodate the participants in the race, there will be several temporary road closures and limited access to parking areas.  Below is a list of the roads that will be closed during the race.

The following roads will be closed from 7:45pm until 9:00pm:

  • Hillside Road – between Gilbert Road and Glenbrook Road
  • Jim Calhoun Way – between Hillside Road and Husky Circle
  • Alumni Drive – in its entirety
  • Glenbrook Road – between Hillside Road and Mansfield Road
  • Mansfield Road – between Coventry Road and Gilbert Road
  • Gilbert Road – between Mansfield Road and Hillside Road

The following areas of campus will be temporarily impacted from 7:45pm until 9:00pm:

  • Lot D, Lot K, Lot I – cars in these lots will not be able to enter/exit until runners pass
  • Freitas Ice Forum – cars will not be able to enter/exit the area until runners pass
  • Cars parked in South Garage will need to enter/exit from the 5th Floor Gate, accessible from Lot 8. The 1st Floor Gate by the Football Training Facility will be closed until the race ends

Saturday, April 22nd

In preparation for an evening of Spring Weekend activities, Hillside Road will be closed to traffic beginning at 3:30pm.  The road closure will be from in the intersection of Hillside Road and Glenbrook Road to the intersection of Hillside Road and Jim Calhoun Way.  The road will reopen at approximately 11pm.  Drivers will still have access to South Garage from the northbound side of Hillside Road and Jim Calhoun Way.

Parking Restrictions throughout Spring Weekend

  • North and South Parking Garages will operate normally (see Parking services website)
  • UConn permit parking regulations will be strictly enforced on Lots “C,” “F,” “Upper X” and, “W” 24-hours/day from 7:00AM Thursday through 7:00AM Monday.