Wristband Info & Policies

Wristband Policies:

Spring Weekend is made possible by UConn students’ commitment to creating new, positive traditions while committing to the following parameters:

  • Spring Weekend events are open ONLY to UConn students (including regional campus students); students will be required to present their UConn ID’s and Spring Weekend wristbands in order to enter any Spring Weekend event.
  • Students must swipe their UConn ID in order to receive a wristband for the program.
  • Students will only receive one wristband for the entire weekend.
  • Students, faculty, and staff are expected to respect and comply with all signs, barricades, and communication from Public Safety and other security.
  • All UConn students should follow the parameters and guidelines set forth by Residential Life.
  • Alcohol is not allowed at any event.
  • Students are expected to adhere to bag and behavior policies and guidelines of all event locations and venues (this includes Jorgensen, the Student Union, and the North Fields).

Before you pick up your wristband:

  • Here's what you need to know before you pick up your Spring Weekend wristbands for this weekend's events!
    • You must have the UConntact event pass downloaded on your phone. Here's how to download your pass!
      • log onto uconntact.uconn.edu
      • go to the top right corner and under your name, click 'event pass'
      • show the Spring Weekend wristband distribution tables your QR code and they will make sure you are scanned in. Following that, you will be all set
      • make sure you have your UConn ID with you as well
      • you will only get one SW wristband so make sure you keep it on you for the whole weekend.

Wristband Pickup Schedule:

Date Location Time
Wednesday, April 20 Student Activities/SU 307 9am-5pm
Wednesday, April 20 SU Union Street 11am-3pm
Thursday, April 21 Student Activities/SU 307 9am-5pm
Thursday, April 21 SU Union Street 11am-3pm
Thursday, April 21 Kickoff on SU Mall 5pm-8pm
Friday, April 22 Student Activities/SU 307 9am-5pm
Friday, April 22 SU Union Street 11am-3pm
Friday, April 22 Late Night BBQ/SU Mall 1pm-4p
Saturday, April 23 OOZeball/North Fields 8am-4pm
Saturday, April 23 UConnapalooza/Fairfield Way 10am-12pm